How Much Will Hair Plugs Cost?

September 4, 2013

The projected hair restoration results with hair plugs is promising. Hair loss can be controlled and self esteem is maintained or improved. Depending on where patients plan to have their hair plugs procedure and on which doctor to perform the procedure, the cost of hair plugs will differ.

Costs may also vary due to distinct techniques and methods utilized in doing hair plug transplants. Moreover, the extent of the recipient site (the bald area) and the total number of grafts to be transplanted will be some of the factors in computing expenses. Even the location of the sites and experience of the surgeon will play a great determinant of the charges.

Hair plugs can vary in cost depending on the length and texture of your hair

Hair plugs can vary in cost depending on the length and texture of your hair

In the US, an individual may need to prepare about $4,000 for a minimal degree of hair loss to $20,000 for more extensive hair loss. However, patients should perceive that there should be some leeway for extra costs. A hair plug graft may scale from $3 to $10. Each procedure may require a minimum of 500-600 grafts. However during the surgery, the hair plug practitioner may find that additional plugs are needed. Consultation, check up and follow up fees will also increase the price.

Obviously, a lot of patients will try to seek hair plug surgeons who present reasonable rates. One way to secure fair charges for the hair plugs is by surveying different surgeons in certain locations and trying to compare at least 3-5 surgeons’ quote. Some even go overseas for more modest expenditures for hair plugs.

Having hair plugs may appear upscale but thinking about its long term effectivity may level the fees. Patients may have a more detailed information regarding the costs by consulting hair plug surgeons.

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